Hacienda Equis Costa Rica | Report Mercedes Benz Classic Magazine

The Mercedes Benz Classic Magazine wrote about rallies at Hacienda Equis Costa Rica.
The MBCM team visited us for a report on the classic Mercedes Benz in Costa Rica.

The program was tight. Mercedes Benz Old and Youngtimer meeting with BBQ. A visit to the oldest MB workshop in Costa Rica, a few days at the Hacienda Equis and, of course, we also drove parts of our rallies.

Incidentally, Alexander Lutz Villalta from NORKO gave a campfire serenade on a famous and signed Fender Guild by Marius Müller-Westernhagen on the Pacific beach…all far – very far – south of boredom!

It should also be mentioned that editor-in-chief Jörg Heuer and photographer David Klammer www.flowphotography.org kept us and the participants really busy for the report.
Thank you, great work. It was pure fun working with you!

Here is the report from Mercedes Benz Classic Magazine and below impressions, a making-of – “Made in Hacienda Equis Costa Rica”.

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Campfire Serenade on Pacific Beach in Costa Rica: Alex Lutz from NORKO on Fender Guild from Marius Müller-Westernhagen
Hacienda Equis Costa Rica Mercedes Benz Classic Magazine
Hacienda Equis Costa Rica | Mercedes Benz Classic Magazine


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Good news:

On May 11, 2022 (almost) all COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in Costa Rica.

The obligation to wear masks and proof of vaccination is no longer required.