Bespoke Rallies Central America FAQ

Equis Bespoke Rallies FAQ

A bespoke rally tour in Central America, especially if it’s the first of its kind, can raise some questions. Here is some useful information and frequently asked questions that will help you prepare for your trip.

  1. Why small group sizes?
  2. General format of the rallies and is there enough time to stop each day along the route?
  3. Price details?
  4. Bespoke Rallies
  5. What is ‘Equis’?
  6. Why is Equis Rallies not on any social network?
  7. Social commitment?
  8. Climatic conditions in Central America
  9. Safety
  10. What is NOT included in the rally fees?
  11. What meals are included?
  12. What happens if I have to cancel a touring rally?
  13. Are your classic rally tours guided?
  14. Daily distance to drive?
  15. If there are only few teams booked would you cancel the rally?
  16. Do I need a specific type of car to participate on your driving holidays?
  17. Do I have to book the ‘complete rally’ or can I just book a part of the rally?
  18. Do we have to travel in convoy?
  19. What kind of hotels do we stay?
  20. Need to join a club/organization or have any form of special qualifications/license?
  21. What is your dress code on the touring rallies?
  22. What time can we expect to get to the hotel each day?
  23. Is there any minimum age in your classic rallies?
  24. How is my money protected?
  25. Do you accept children on your rallies?
  26. Do you accept dogs on your driving holidays?
  27. Can I join a car rally by myself?
  28. Can we book single rooms?
  29. What are the roads like?
  30. Medical Care?
  31. Are your rallies just for people interested in cars?
  32. I would like to go on your rally but I don’t have a suitable car…
  33. What sort of people can I expect to be travelling with?
  34. Smoking
  35. Our historic background map
  36. Our ‘Survival Kit’ and driver’s gloves
  37. Touring rallies driving vacations sounds fantastic. How do I book?

Equis Bespoke Rallies Central America

Why small group sizes


Intimate group sizing in our different bespoke rallies ensures nothing but the best in terms of service, comfort and access to exclusive experiences.
Although we have the option of rallying with six teams – and sometimes we do – our group size is generally limited to three teams/vehicles (plus a service car for your guide).

Many of our customers value absolute privacy and like to travel with their closest family or friends.

We appreciate the flexibility with small groups. For example, we can use small, very exclusive lodges and boutique hotels with excellent service and thus keep the quality of our rallies at the top. We can implement special requests for tours for small groups, etc. – our experience and connections ensure a unique, money-can’t-buy experience.

Top priority for us: Small groups for maximum exclusivity.

General format of the rallies and is there enough time to stop each day along the route?


All our rally tours are intended to be relaxing and enjoyable driving holidays, however, they are car tours so you will naturally have to spend a proportion of the time driving, sometimes on challenging but interesting, and always scenic roads.

The evenings (and most afternoons) are totally relaxed and friendly social occasions where we all enjoy dinner together and chat about the day’s adventures.

Morning and afternoon coffee stops and lunch stops are built into each day’s route and these give a good opportunity for a break and a chat with fellow participants. The stops are usually in a pretty village or at places of interest where there is time to relax and stretch our legs.

Our itineraries include the option to visit pretty villages, beautiful gardens, museums, historic buildings etc. so we try to ensure that there is something of interest for everyone.

There should be no need to feel under any pressure – these are driving holidays and can be adapted to suit your preferences.

We have customers from all walks of life. The common bond is their love of classic and vintage cars and driving and their decision to spend a holiday with strangers.

Our touring rallies offer the chance to put enjoyment back into driving on quiet roads in a time when it is regarded, by many, to be ‘politically incorrect’ to actually enjoy classic driving!

Price details


As the only rally organizer based in Central America with its own vehicle fleet, we cannot – and do not want – to compete with our competitors.

Most of our competitors work in Europe and have to do enormous upfront work for their rallies. Flight, accommodation and transport costs to, from and in the destination countries. Costs for permits, intermediaries, etc.
We only incur these costs to a very limited extent, as Equis Rallies with Costa Rica is centrally located in Central America and our bespoke rallies ‘take place on our doorstep’. Our Costa Rica Rally, for example, is driven monthly (with a small group size). This allows us a very high level of precision in planning and organization that would normally not be possible for rallies. Our first class hotels and lodges are not only occupied once a year by us but regularly, which of course affects our prices positively.
Last but not least, wages in Central America are much lower than in Europe, and we pass that on to our customers.

So if you were wondering about the excellent price-performance ratio of our touring rallies, now you know the background.

Bespoke rallies


Three tailor-made rallies. For every taste. Because we are so small, we are very flexible. Of course we can create a complete bespoke rally for every group size. Just tell us your wishes and you will be amazed at the result we present to you. We guarantee, we will deliver the best result.

Are Equis private villas or luxury hotels? Two times yes!


The base for our bespoke rallies: Equis I Residence, Aserrí, Costa Rica

Equis (Spanish: “X”)

Because they are the best of both. “Equis”, the Spanish word for “X”, stands for the mysterious, precious and magical. Our Equis are neither a hotel, nor a club, nor a resort & Co. The two (plus one) Equis in Costa Rica offer the service, the kitchen and the sophisticated ambience of a boutique star house, with space for up to 12 people. And at the same time they offer the private security and friendly, relaxed atmosphere of a private villa with guest houses. Equis One is available exclusively for the teams of our bespoke rallies and our friends.

Our Equis are ideal for connoisseurs and cosmopolitans who want to design their vacation individually, love classic vehicles and are looking for the extraordinary – or looking for themselves. Whoever comes to us, “doesn’t go on vacation” or “spends his vacation here ”. Rather, he uses a stage for a play in which he is the main character, dramaturge and spectator in one person.

By the way, the piece is called “The Last Paradise” and only the tropical jungle is witness, because we attach great importance to the protection of privacy. And we believe in the power of the unconventional and do everything we can to make you feel like you’re with best friends.

100% Carbon Neutral

Did we mention that Equis One is completely autonomous? It has its own photovoltaic system for the energy it needs. Several solar hot water supplies and solar pool heating. Own springs with high quality drinking water.

The entire residence is completely carbon neutral.

At Equis One we attach great importance to good and sustainable cuisine. Most of the vegetables, many fruits and almost all red and white meat is delivered from our small farm (Equis Three). Freshly laid eggs and herbs come from our own garden, guaranteed organically.

Why is Equis Bespoke Rallies not on any social network?


Quite simply because we don’t want to!
Call us old-fashioned, but we like it to be simple and uncomplicated. We act according to the K.I.S.S. principle – ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’. The core tenant of the K.I.S.S. method is that everything is better when made simple.

You can see it on our website. Nothing pops up without being asked, we don’t mess with countless menus and buttons, we don’t work with made-up testimonials and we don’t track our customers either.
Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and whatever they’re called spy on us enough already, so we see no advantage in pushing that too.

Apart from that, Equis Bespoke Rallies see it as our duty to protect our customers’ data as well as possible. We guarantee that your data (apart from the mandatory list of participants for our hotels, lodges etc.) will never be passed on to third parties.

And while we’re on the subject: We really only send newsletters when there is news.

Social commitment? 100% arrived where it should be.


Let’s let the pictures speak for themselves.



Central America has an overall humid, tropical climate

with distinct dry and rainy seasons throughout the region.
However, the weather can vary from country to country, and some countries have multiple climate zones. Typically, in mountainous areas, temperatures dip lower than those in areas with lower elevation, but usually no colder than around 10° Celsius (50° Fahrenheit). And temperatures in the hottest areas of the region typically top out just below 32° Celsius (90° Fahrenheit).

Central America has a distinct dry season (November – April) and a wet season (also known as ‘green season’, May – October), but the months can vary slightly around the region. We drive usually from December through September. Even in the green season we have to expect rain usually for an hour or so in the late afternoon or during the night which freshens the days. If you ask us, we prefer rallying in the green season, but we pass so many climate zones that it doesn’t really matter.

Heavy rains can be expected in October and November, at a time when we don’t offer rallies.

You don’t have to worry about hurricanes

Costa Rica and Panama are too south for hurricanes and have never been hit, Nicaragua only twice in the past 100 years. So no problems with the Costa Rica and Veragua rally. The Carrera Panamericana del Sur Rally takes place in March / April, completely out of the hurricane season, so there are no problems with hurricanes here either.



Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama are among the safest countries in Central America. Since we don’t get around by bus or in obscure areas, we won’t have any security problems as long as sensible precautions are taken.

Honduras and Guatemala

Unfortunately, Honduras and Guatemala are not among the safest countries on earth. But without a doubt among the most beautiful. The people are very friendly and helpful.

So, it is absolutely worth to visit these countries.

Fortunately we travel as a group and are accompanied by a police escort in both countries. In the environment where we are, for example, excellent hotels and restaurants, we need not expect any problems. During the trip, your guide will give you detailed information on how to behave at some of the sights, as some pickpockets go about their business there.

Incidentally, Antigua is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Guatemala – especially during Easter week – but also one of the safest cities. You will be enthusiastic as long as sensible precautions are taken.

What is NOT included in the rally fees?


The following items are not normally included: Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Personal Insurance, Ferry fees, Room upgrades, Porterage, Meals and drinks other than those stated, Admission and Attraction charges other than those stated, Fuel, Road Tolls please see the rally descriptions for full details of inclusions.

What meals are included?


Unless otherwise stated, breakfast each morning is included and – of course – the Welcome Dinner.

In Equis One, our private residence, everything is included. That means breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, ‘merienda’ and all soft drinks – except alcoholic beverages.

What happens if I have to cancel a touring rally?


Our Terms and Conditions list clearly what happens if you have to cancel your booking with us. We recommend that when booking a driving holidays rally or short break that you have good travel insurance cover to protect you in the case of cancellation.

Are your classic rally tours guided or escorted?


Yes. All our classic rallies are fully guided / escorted. That means not that you can’t travel with friends or individually at your own pace. If you are new to classic rally touring and don’t feel confident about navigating along the route by yourself you can follow the Guide’s / Tour Director’s car until you get the hang of it.

Daily distance to drive?


Our daily distances vary from one rally driving holidays to another and are dependent on whether you are on a transit-day (the days spent travelling to your main stay or touring region) or generally touring an area. In most cases the distances are shown on each individual tour itinerary.

If there are only few teams booked would you cancel the rally?


Since we are not a big stock corporation, we have the freedom to act in a non-profit-making way and in the interests of our customers. For this reason we will not cancel any rallies, unless due to force majeure.

Do I need a specific type of car to participate on your driving holidays?


Our rallies are designed for the ‘driving enthusiast’ so you can bring any marque along. Any pre-1980 vehicle is fine but we reserve the right to decline a vehicle.

However, almost 98% of the teams touring with us, using our vehicles.

Do I have to book the ‘complete rally’ or can I just book a part of the rally?


We are offering the Veragua Rally for this reason.

This rally is modular so that you can decide for yourself whether you want to drive modul one, modul two or both modules.

Do we have to travel in convoy?


No, you can travel with friends or individually at your own pace.

If you are new to car tours and don’t feel confident about navigating along the the route by yourself you can follow the Guide’s / Tour Director’s car until you get the hang of it.

What kind of hotels do we stay?


We know all of our hotels and lodges personally and choose them for a combination of their location, character, style, charm, ambiance, personal service and, of course, their food.

Many of the hotels we use are in stunning locations either on a lake or river or set in attractive countryside or a pretty village and often with scenic views.

We try to use exclusively 1st class boutique hotels and lodges where personal service is automatic and sincere and accompanied by a genuine smile and we tend to avoid corporate-chain hotels as they often lack character and ambiance.

As a consequence however not all the bed rooms we use will be identical.

Do we need to join a club/organization or have any form of special qualifications/license?


No, our touring rallies are open to anyone and have no element of competition so no special qualifications are needed.

What is your dress code on the rally touring?


Our touring rallies are very casual and informal as far as dress code is concerned.

During the day you can dress, or undress, as you like, in the evenings when we all meet for dinner we request you wear ‘smart casual’. There is no need for the men to wear a jacket and tie.

What time can we expect to get to the hotel each day?


Best driving in tropical Central America is during the morning. So we try to reach the hotels between 13:00 – 14:00, but of course this will depend on several factors; what time you start off each day, how many times you stop on route, for how long and your average speed.

Is there any minimum age in your classic rallies?


Yes, our insurance requires that a driver of our cars has a minimum age of 40 years.

How is my money protected?


Between ourselves: As a customer of Copa Airlines – which has been waiting for two flights to be refunded since March 2020 – we understand this point all too well.

Asclepios Hygieia was established in 2008 as a tour operator in Costa Rica. Incorporated as Asclepios Hygieia International Enterprises S.A. the company is registered in Costa Rica, registration number: 3-101-677589.

Our registered office address is: Calle Nuñez, última finca, 10301 Aserri.

In Costa Rica nobody is required by law to protect clients’ pre-payments. Protection and/or insurance companies for travel pre-payments (like ABTOT Travel Bonding) are unfortunately non-existent. But don’t worry, we have a solution.

We protect our clients payments in the following way: By ensuring that all monies paid to us by a client are held in a separate clients deposit trust bank account from which they are only withdrawn on completion of the contract, defined as the end of a touring rally.

One client trust account is held at the Volksbank Ottersberg, Germany and one at the BAC, Costa Rica.

You find the account details in your invoice.

Do you accept children on your rallies?


Gladly, but the child must be at least 12 years old.

Do you accept dogs on your driving holidays?


Sorry but we don’t accept pets on our tours – except guide dogs.

Can I join a car rally by myself?


Yes, of course you can.

Our rallies are guided so there is no need to have a co-driver, you can always follow the Tour Director/ Guide or some of the other tour participants.

As far as costs are concerned, most hotels charge by the room whether occupied by one or two people and as our prices are based on two people occupying a room, sole occupancy of a hotel room will invariably increase the cost per person.

However, we always endeavour to keep any premiums for sole occupancy to a minimum. Contact us for details.

Can we book single rooms?


Yes, but the same sole occupancy surcharges as above may apply.

What are the roads like?


We usually use routes which are along excellent, quiet, scenic roads. (Excellent means in Costa Rica: good.) We try to avoid motorways and main roads where ever possible. This generally ensures you will be driving along the quieter back roads, usually surrounded by lovely scenery.

Sometimes we use small sections of untarred roads, but these are of good quality and we have driven our cars along them already in the past. Where we do use untarred sections it is because the road or scenery is so outstanding that we think it really should not be missed!

And there are some rivers to cross. Sometimes without bridges. It is usually very funny and the perfect background for some nice photos. We will advise about them.

Medical Care?


International hospitals in Central America are definitely on western standards and since we don’t travel to remote areas we don’t have any problems with medical care.

Are your bespoke rallies just for people interested in cars?


No, absolutely not! It does, of course, help that you take pleasure in motoring through fabulous scenery, relish individual, character hotels, and enjoy the company of like-minded travellers.

But it is not the intention to make the bespoke rallies exclusively vintage car-oriented.

Classic Touring rallies are first and foremost driving holidays to relax, enjoy and experience the countries we visit. We aim to satisfy everyone, (including non-car enthusiasts) so let us know if you have a particular interest that you would like us to try and accommodate.

I would like to go on your bespoke touring rally but I don’t have a suitable car…


That’s no problem at all! Choose one from us, that’s it.

What sort of people can I expect to be travelling with?


Our customers book our touring rallies to enjoy vintage cars, great driving, beautiful scenery, good food and wine and 1st class accommodation.

Some of our customers are sampling motoring for the first time, whilst others have been touring for years. Age ranges vary from forties to nineties!



We and our customers are very relaxed about the topic of smoking. A nice cigar with a glass of old rum … … wonderful.

Smoking in Equis One

In our Equis I the following applies: Please do not smoke in the apartments and rooms, pool area and rancho smoking is no problem as long as it does not bother anyone.

Smoking in Central America

Aside from Costa Rica, the rest of Central America’s countries are still smoker-friendly countries. In most countries, however, smoking is prohibited in the rooms of the hotels and lodges.

Smoking in our classic cars

Unfortunately, it is not possible to smoke in our vehicles. If you really like that Free-Marlboro or Camel smoke feeling, our open Land Rover Series is available for you.

Apart from that, we stop at regular intervals on our tours, so that one or the other cigarette can be smoked.

Our historical background map


Many ask for it. This historical map was drawn 1706 in The Netherlands. The original is in Equis One.

Bespoke Rallies Central America Equis One Historic map 1706
Please feel free to download this picture here and use it without any obligation.

Our ‘Survival Kit’ and driver’s gloves


Each team gets one. Pelican case, waterproof and dustproof. With glasses from Riedel, bottles, flashlights, custom-made driver’s gloves made of deerskin, wifi hotspot and walkie-talkie.

Perfect preparation for picnic and communication center.

The gloves stay with you at the end of the rally.

Bespoke Rallies Survival Kit
Handschuhgroessen - Drivers glove sizes - Guantes medidas

Touring rallies driving vacations sounds fantastic. How do I book?


Once you have decided which rally you want to go on, just contact us to ensure places are still available. Then download the booking form, fill it in and send it back to us. We require a deposit of 25% of the tour price to secure your place. Bookings made by telephone will be held for 7 days, by which time we hope to have received your booking form and deposit. The balance (75%) must be paid no less than eight weeks before departure.

There are various ways to pay: Direct bank transfer to our German or Costa Rican Banks; Credit/Debit cards and Credit/Debit cards via PayPal (3.5% surcharge imposed).

Good news:

On May 11, 2022 (almost) all COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in Costa Rica.

The obligation to wear masks and proof of vaccination is no longer required.

05/11/2022 – Information without guarantee.