Classic Rally Cars & Bikes

As we do not have a heavy competition component in our rallies and clients which are treating our classic rally cars like their own cars, we are not afraid about them.

With this gambit, we can offer exceptional cars and motorcycles for our vintage touring rallies.

Our clients are not racing with them, although our cars are looking and sounding like rough classic rally cars, they are still comfortable. No hard rally seats, quite comfortable suspension, exhaust system sounds rally – but not rally rally (except the 911, if you drive with open tubes).

In other words: Classic rally cars and motorcycles you will love and you’ll see more people with thumbs up & taking pictures than potholes in the roads. Even the police goes crazy to take pictures of them.

All vehicles are fully insured with low self deductions and GPS tracing. Age from our classic rally cars and motorcycles ranges from 36 years to 68 years – perfect for vintage car touring.

Enjoy and make your selection.

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Mercedes Benz Rally 450 SLC

Mercedes Benz 450 SL Rally


4.5 liter, V8, 222 HP, 1580 kg

Rally specs. from the famous 80s Rally SLs.

Hardtop available.

Osa Fluss FP003049 Mercedes Benz SLR740
Mercedes Benz 450SL Rallye
Mercedes Benz 500SL Rally Picknick

Range Rover Classic

Range Rover Classic Rally

1972, Suffix A 2-door, the very first!

3.5 liter, V8, 145 HP, 1960 kg

This Range is completely restored, exactly to 1972 Suffix A CKD specs. Motor brought to rally specs. with more HP and torque.

Range Rover Classic sahara dust
Range Rover Classic 3-Door
Classic Rally Cars Touring Range Rover Interior

Classic Rally Central America Porsche 911 Rally Car

Porsche 911 Rally

1968, SWB

2.4 liter, 6 Cyl. Boxer, 204 HP, 950 kg

This particular 911 is completely restored by famous rally driver Stein Johnsen. R-engine (!) and low weight, a beast on steroids, as Stein said.

Sound adjustable, from very nice to very aggressive.

Porsche 911 Rally Costa Rica Classic Touring
Porsche Rally 1968 Interior Classic Touring
Porsche 911 Rally

Vincent Comet 1952 Classic Rally Motorcycle

Vincent Comet


500 ccm, V1, 28 HP, 176 kg

The Aston Martin of motorcycles! The iconic Steve McQueen bike.

Our Comet is completely original, untouched and runs like hell.

Classic Rally Cars - Coming soon

Mercedes Benz SL Roadster


3.8 liter, V8, 218 HP, 1580 kg

NEW in our rallies.

Classic Rally Cars - Coming soon
Classic Rally Cars - Coming soon
Classic Rally Cars - Coming soon

Range Rover Front r RRC790

Range Rover Classic Rally

1979, Suffix F, 2-door

3.9 liter, V8, 190 HP, 1960 kg

This early Range was completely restored in 2020, has original AC and motor was upgraded from 3.5l to 3.9l. Finished in its original color ‘Bahama Gold’.
Number 1 from our classic rally cars.

Range Rover Classic Interior
Range Rover Classic Rally
Range Rover Classic bahama gold rear

BMW R80 G/S Classic Rally Motorcycle


1985, Siebenrock Big Bore Kit

1.0 liter, 2-Cyl. Boxer, 72 HP, 186 kg

This BMW is converted into a Scrambler from the early 80s and is the perfect bike for Central America. Motor was upgraded from 800ccm to 1.000ccm.

Land Rover Series 2 1968 Classic Rally Car

Land Rover 109 Rally

1968, Series IIA

2.3 liter, straight-4, 115 HP, 1440 kg

A Land Rover Series Rally Car? Yes, really. This Land Rover from our classic rally cars has some modifications adapted for rallying, security and comfort. Disk brakes instead of drum brakes, suspension lifted, 118 HP (68 HP before) and an overdrive for ‘quite’ touring.

Level of coolness: 10/10!

Classic Car Holidays Range Rover Touring

Range Rover Classic Rally

1980, classic 2-door

3.5 liter, V8, 145 HP, 1960 kg

This Range is completely restored, exactly to 1980 specs. Motor brought to rally specs. with more HP and torque.

Classic Rally Cars Range Rover Touring
Range Rover Classic 2-door 1978 Rally
Range Rover Classic 2-door 1978 Rally Car

Mike Ramirez Porsche 911 Racing Car Diego Febles Classic Touring Rally

Soon – sometimes available

Porsche 911 RSR

1965, SWB

3.4 liter, 6 Cyl. Boxer, 320 HP, 920 kg

This SWB could not be a RSR, right?

YES and NO. It was raced in Daytona and Sebring in the late 70s and early 80s as a RSR with a lot of 935 parts and with a RSR motor. Build by Robert Cao and later maintained by Diego Febles. Gearbox from #59 Diego Febles.

This 911 is currently in restoration with many 935 parts and with a reliable 3.4 liter motor.

Only sometimes (and on invitation only) in our rallies.

#75 in the picture, the one with the smoking engine…

Daytona Porsche 911 RSR Vintage Car Adventures in Central America
Roger Mandeville and Robert Cao Porsche 911 RSR Racing Car
Porsche 911 RSR 2.8l 1972 Rally Car Central America

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Good news:

On May 11, 2022 (almost) all COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in Costa Rica.

The obligation to wear masks and proof of vaccination is no longer required.