Classic Rally Cars in Equis I
Volcano Acatenango, Antigua, Guatemala
Gulf of Nicoya, Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica
911 on 'River Ferry', Driver: Stein Johnsen
Osa Peninsula, south of Costa Rica
Volcano of Fire, Antigua, Guatemala
Candelaria River, on the way to the Pacific, Costa Rica
Crater Lake, Poás Volcano, Costa Rica
Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica
Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Classic Rally Central America

We are here. In Costa Rica. On site with every classic rally in Central America.

In a paradise of flora, fauna and culture that really takes your breath away.

We have the skills, the experience and we love what we do.

We are working in tourism. In Europe since 1988, in Latin America (Costa Rica and Chile) since 2008, first classic rally 1994 in an vintage Aston Martin DB5.

Equis Classic Touring Rally is working in Central America only with the very best boutique hotels and lodges, we have fantastic routes, the tour experience and last but not least:

Distinguished classic rally cars & motorcycles you will love – so there is absolutely no need to bring your own classic rally car. Of course – if you really want to bring your own vehicle – you are welcome.

1st step:

See our classic rally cars and motorcycles

Rallying with us is very simple.

Just choose a classic rally and pick a vintage rally car or motorcycle.

We offer these three different classic rally holidays:

–> ‘La Carrera Costa Rica’ – Costa Rica Classic Rally, 14 days

Dec. – Sep., six times a year.

–> ‘La Carrera Veragua’ – Veragua Classic Rally, modular, 14 days, Costa Rica – Nicaragua – Panama

Dec. – Sep. but currently – due to COVID – suspended. Twice a year.

–> ‘La Carrera Panamericana del Sur’ – South Panamerican Classic Rally, 18 days, 5 countries

Yearly, till end of easter week, next rally: SOLD OUT!

That’s it! Enjoy a fantastic classic rally, partly on the Panamericana.

Arrive & Drive. Classic grand touring made easy.

2nd step:

Choose your classic rally Central America

Why book a classic rally with all-round carefree package with us:

Equis Rallies Small Groups
Small groups of max. 4 cars + 1 classic service vehicle. Relaxed, private atmosphere with your 24/7 personal rally guide. Details
Detailed work and perfect Rally organisation
Perfect planning & organisation, because we are on site and work with the service providers for a long time. Every classic rally passes parts of the ‘Panamericana’, (which – of course – is not the same as the ‘Carrera Panamericana’).
Equis rallies prices
Inexpensive alternative. We don’t claim to be the cheapest, but we do believe we offer very good value. We are on site so we don’t have to calculate the exorbitant planning and organisation costs as providers which are not based in the destination countries. For this reason we can offer our rallies at highest level and at very competitive prices – and that includes a classic rally car or motorcycle! Details
Equis Classic Rally Trust
Trust: When you travel with us, you can be assured that we have you covered. Your trip will be financially protected, and we keep up to date with all the latest government travel advice, specially in COVID times. Details
Classic Touring Rallies Central America Aston Martin DB5
Distinguished vintage rally cars and motorcycles with comfort, most vehicles in as new condition. Rally, but not too much rally-rally. You will be impressed. And an immediate replacement in the – unlikely – event of a breakdown. Off course fully insured with low self deductions.
Bespoke Rallies Taylor made
Bespoke Rallies tailored to your interests. From the first conversation, you can rely on us to create your trip exactly as you’re imagining it. Changes are usually not a problem for us. We’ll make sure your are rallying in a way you feel always safe and comfortable, and with privately guided experiences.
Equis Classic Touring Rallies Central America Residence Costa Rica
Handpicked 1st class lodges & hotels, guides and experiences. We’ve gone further than anyone else to find the experiences you want to have. Equis Rallies know every classic rally inside out, you’ll see attractions in an alternative light and we introduce you to places others normally miss. Details
Equis Central America Direct flights
Direct flights to Costa Rica from London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Madrid, New York, Houston, Miami, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Toronto, Panama etc.
Bespoke Rallies Survival Kit
‘Survival Rally Kit’. A few important details are required to complete a classic car rally. With us, every team receives a rally kit with flashlights, tailored classic driver’s gloves, and walkie talkies. Details

Frankly spoken, sometimes the classic rally preparations and paperwork aren’t fun. So let’s forget that!

Equis Bespoke rallies Central America Container
No more problems with importing / exporting your vehicle. No risk of transport damage, theft from your classic car and/or equipment during transport. Zero transport costs for your classic rally car.
Classic Grand Touring Wasting Time
No more wasted time on preparations, ‘nice’ paperwork, phone calls and back and forth emails (insurance, transport, export and import papers, translations, declarations, collections, etc.)
Vintage Car Rallies Lucky
No more responsibility for mechanical and/or electrical problems with your own vehicle. No additional insurance costs and paperwork. No thinking in which Central American countries are RHD vehicles not allowed to circulate.

Good news:

On May 11, 2022 (almost) all COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in Costa Rica.

The obligation to wear masks and proof of vaccination is no longer required.